Living Through Loss Counselling has been very involved with WISH for the past two years, working closely with the Coordinator and participants in the Health and Safety Project for Aboriginal Women Working in the Sex Trade. Not only has LTLC offered six-part workshops to assist this group of women in their healing and their journey, they have taught interested members facilitation skills which they have, in turn, used to support others attending similar group counselling. LTLC has also established a drop-in group in the Downtown Eastside where women can seek counselling and positive interaction that stimulates discussion and healing for them and the group as a whole.

Recently we have been working with LTLC to plan supports for women who are entrenched in survival sex as well as those who provide care and services for those women as we approach the start of the trial of Robert William Pickton. We are all painfully aware that the information that will become public from the trial of this accused serial killer will have a very serious effect on women who continue to work in survival sex which will, in turn, have a serious effect on all of those people who are dedicated to the health and safety of this vulnerable population. LTLC is qualified to provide guidance and support in this area and has spent the last two years building relationships with women in this community, which will become increasingly valuable as many old wounds are opened with the advent of this trial.

LTLC has already made a difference to women in this community and is poised to continue and expand their good work in the Downtown Eastside.

~ Kate Gibson
Executive Director
WISH Drop-In Centre Society