Professional Grief Training

In association with Living through Loss Counselling Society of BC, the Vancouver Center for Loss & Bereavement offers Grief and Loss Training for Professionals.



Grief and Loss Training for Professionals

Who will benefit from this training?

Professionals such as:

  • social workers
  • teachers
  • funeral home employees
  • school counselors
  • crisis workers
  • therapists
  • palliative care nurses

or any individual who wants to explore bereavement issues related to their clients or communities.


Training is provided in Vancouver as well as on Vancouver Island.
Training is also available online.


Click on an event below for more information and registration.

Course Descriptions

Grief and Loss Training for Professionals

Level 1 – The Basics


Introduction to grief & loss: traditional & contemporary theories, models and practices

Multiple losses – complex bereavement, complicated grief and traumatic loss

Bereavement by suicide or homicide

Supporting children: family systems

Culture, religion & rituals

Community grief

Caregiver resiliency


Grief and Loss Training for Professionals

Level 2 – Advanced


Understanding “the brain on grief” and impact on grievers; effective interventions, e.g. EMDR, Nuerofeedback

Reality therapy: examination of an effective model for working in bereavement and grief

Suicide: in depth examination of suicide including assisted suicide

Loss of Health: disease and aging issues are explored in depth

Community Grief: impact of global & constant public violence, grief and the importance of ritual in healing

Resilience & Self care: Effective interventions for therapists/counsellors in on-going work with grievers.


Upcoming Training

Date Event Location Registration
Jul 10 - Aug 14 Level 1: The Basic of Grief and Loss - Online Online Register Now
Aug 05 - Aug 19 Level 1: The Basics of Grief & Loss - 3 Saturdays Vancouver Register Now

The following is the link to our On-line Training website.  You will receive a username and password to log in.