Nov 05 - Dec 03

A four week online professional training program for counsellors, therapists, social workers, school counsellors, crisis workers, palliative care nurses and hospice workers, funeral home employees, death doula’s, or any individual who wants to continue their exploration of bereavement issues, strategies and tools to assist their clients and/or communities where they live and serve.


Participants in Level 2 must have successfully completed Level 1 -The Basics, either an in-class or on-line offering.

Course Format

A mix of delivery mediums are integrated in the online forums from video, audio, and Zoom Video conferencing.

The course format consists of a live presentation by the course facilitator/senior therapist on an advanced topic each week. Live presentations are interactive with class participants through q&a formats. Participants have access to weekly materials covered in each of the four modules with supplemental articles and research if germane to the topics covered. In some weeks the participants will be provided cases to review, analyze and present within the weekly Forum structure.

Pre-class start up each learner will be sent a survey on griever styles to complete. An overview of the styles and importance of understanding your own griever style will be presented in Week 1.

Course Content

Week 1 -Module 1: Building connection with the griever; styles of grief and the importance to the counselling relationship; tools to use to build connection; the physicality of grief

Week 2 -Module 2: Effective Modalities in working with a griever- EMDR, Neurofeedback, Choice theory & the Basic Needs, Case presentation and the application of these modalities

Week 3 -Module 3. Special Issues in grief work- Understanding the criticality of secondary losses, Community grief, Workplace loss, mass layoffs, terminations, death in the workplace, including critical incident debrief protocols with a focus on grief & loss

Week 4 – Module 4: Growth and Development in grief. A look at strategies and practices for working with longer term clients in their grief work. Case reviews and discussion on what growing in grief means to you and your clients. Sessions are facilitated by a grief and loss therapist/trainer from the Centre.


A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the training.

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