Nov 14, 2024 - Dec 30, 2024

Level 1 facilitated, is an online course designed for professionals working in mental health, social services, healthcare practitioners, caregivers, support service workers, including but not limited to social workers, educators, school counselors, crisis workers, therapists, palliative care nurses, death doula’s, funeral directors/employees, or any individual who wants to explore bereavement issues and understand the impact of grief and loss.

The six-week six module course covers the following topics in grief and loss:

Module 1

Grief & Loss: The Basics
Introduction to grief & loss: the basics of bereavement- traditional & contemporary models of grief & loss

Module 2


Complex Bereavement
Complicated/Prolonged Grief & Traumatic Loss

Module 3

Special Issues in Complicated Grief & Traumatic Loss
Multiple Losses, Ambiguous Mourning, Disenfranchised Grief, Anticipatory Mourning. Impact of COVID loss, caring for family and friends with chronic or terminal related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and other related topics are discussed

Module 4

Homicide, Suicide, and Traumatic Death
In addition topics Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), Drug & Alcohol Related Deaths are discussed

Module 5

Bereavement: Death of a Child, Death of Parent
Discussion of death in a family child, parent, grandparents, beloved family members & friends (including pet loss)

Module 6

Bereavement:  Culture, Religion & Ritual
The impact of culture and religion on how we grieve and the importance of rituals in griefwork

Course Structure

  • Participants spend on average 30-36 hours working in the online classroom
  • 4 facilitated Zoom review sessions –
  • Facilitators provide weekly feedback to all participants on their work
  • 6-month access to course material post completion of Level 1
  • Supplemental materials added throughout the year on new developments or topics in grief and loss, TEDx, Papers, Journal Articles and Tools
  • Facilitators are experienced grief therapists and trainers
  • A certificate awarded upon successful completion






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