Aug 06, 2024 - Aug 20, 2024

A two-week online course for any individual who wants to develop understanding and a method for facilitating a 6-week Loss through Death Group, in the organization, or community.

The online program is divided into two Modules presented each week by one of the Centre’s expert therapists/trainers. The format for the online course is a 30-minute live presentation by the course facilitator at the start of each week. Participants go online to review weekly material and participate with other registrants and facilitators in Forum questions and answers.

All Zoom sessions are held on Tuesday and start at 4:00pm pst.

Module 1: Week 1- 30-minute live presentation- covering general introduction of grief and loss, review of models of grief, elements of an effective support group, an in-depth review of sessions 1, 2 & 3 of your six-week support group

Module 2: Week 2 – 30-minute live presentation- covering questions arising from Week 1 Forum discussions, in depth review of sessions 4, 5 & 6 of the six-week support group. Session 6 covers things to think about when you are in your last session with the group; some rituals and practices and closing off activities are presented.

Sessions are facilitated by a grief and loss therapist/trainer from the Centre.

A mix of delivery mediums are integrated in the online forums from video, audio, Skype when applicable to the class.

A Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the training.

*Any or all our online courses can be offered to organizations or groups on a customized basis to meet time frames and training goals outside of the class dates advertised.

Cost: $305.00 (includes a copy of the How-to Manual)



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