Level 1 online: The Basics-Grief & Loss

The wealth of information he two facilitators bring to the table and the concise and succinct manner the information is presented was helpful. The quick responses to the assignments and questions were completely unexpected and I learned so much more from reading  everyone’s comments. I really enjoyed the videos and the additional of facilitator comments about clients they have worked with. That really helped add to my  understanding. I feel like this course flew by, yet you still provided us with so much information for a beginner level 1 course. I would say that I would love to see more of everything, but how on earth would you fit it in?!
~ Kirstie S.

The greatest strengths of the course were the six Modules, questions/responses -sharing, Zoom meet up’s – I think you have nailed it! I really enjoyed the sprinkling in of videos and really appreciated the video of a conversation between Pat and Lynette, client -therapist on the death of her son. In terms of adding material, I would find it helpful to hear more conversations between grief therapists and clients. Language is SO important and hearing seasoned therapists in action would be beneficial.
~ Vicki B

I absolutely loved this training and thank both Lynette and Cheryl for being our facilitators. I learned so much valuable Information that has been directly applicable to my clinical work. I particularly liked the overview of different grief models, types of losses and complicated grief and traumatic loss. I liked that the course used various formats for learning, such as written text, videos, handouts, a discussion forum and zoom meetings.
~ Jasmin A

My entire community, including my own family, and other clients from my private practice all have to manage grief so often so this will and has been beneficial  for providing a new richness to the space for them to move through their grieving process. I was able to receive new perspectives on quite a few topics of grief and loss while learning some new information in the mix.
~ Simone C

Level 2 Online: Advanced Practices

This course enabled me to put a name to a lot of what I had worked with over my time within the health care system.  It allowed me to better understand different types of grievers and the various forms of grief.

It was incredibly valuable that we touched on modalities to support clients. For example, I value utilizing photos to support clients grappling with the loss of a loved one.
~ Dalal B.

The weekly interaction with the group and facilitators along with the recap of the module during the weekly class and the use of actual clients was one of this course’s  greatest strength.
~ Jenni C

The best part of the course is the Zoom sessions. It helps to solidify the skills by going through the case study after case study.  Overall a very good course.
~ David N

I loved the “hands on” nature of this course and how functional it was it made for a very powerful course.   Thank you.
~ Margaret G